Zoe... and Zoe, Duncan, Jack And Jane

Zoe... (2000)
Zoe, Duncan, Jack And Jane (1999)
Type: Series Revamp

   Oh this title change had to hurt for the cast of this show. Zoe, Duncan, Jack And Jane was a mid 1998-1999 season replacement sitcom on the WB about four wacky high school friends living in New York in the same vein as shows Seinfeld, Friends etc. I didn't see much of the show but my main impression was that these looked like pretty old teenagers.

   Anyway they were a wacky crew and the only one anyone ever looked at was Zoe played by the eye catching and attention grabbing Selma Blair. Selma had some success in the summer of 1999 appearing in the teen flick Cruel Intentions.

   This notoriety may have been what led the WB to bring the show back in the middle of the 1999-2000 season. Only now the show had been retooled and renamed Zoe... (Verbally spoken on the ads as "Zoe Dot Dot Dot") Ouch! Poor Duncan, Jack and Jane. To get reduced to one period apiece. Crap. I mean on Gilligan's Island The Professor and Mary Ann started out as "and the rest" in the show opening and got promoted to having their full names in the song. But to be demoted. Damn. How do you tell your stars they're not in the title anymore except as punctuation. My guess would be with bodyguards present. And how did Selma Blair feel? Walking around all day going, "Look it wasn't my call okay! Hey, I was nearly made a semicolon myself but as a title ;... just looked stupid!"

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