Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place and Two Guys And A Girl

Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place (1998-1999)
Two Guys And A Girl (1999-2001)
Type: Renamed Show

   Okay, it's way too easy for me too get long winded. You'll see on a lot of these pages that in writing about a crossover or spin off I'll go off on a tangent talking about the shows themselves and just go on and on and on...

   Well not here. I'm not gonna go all crazy over an entry that is essentially about a title change to a middling sitcom. If you're offended by that description because you're a fan of the show... well then I'm sorry. There are much better shows you really should check out. It's a pity you picked this one.

   Now that everyone who watches and works on the show fully hates me, lets hit this. The show started on ABC as Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place. The show centered on three young characters just starting out in life - that would be the two guys and a girl. As it turned out their lives all circled a local pizza shop! They worked at it (well the guys did), they hung out at it, they defecated in it... IN ITS BATHROOM! What were you thinking? What's wrong with you?

   Well guess what? This is another case of a show being crippled by its cutesy title. Just like the folks behind the show Cursed (in which the main character was, duh, cursed) realized their title screwed them into having to stretch the premise for a single good episode of Bewitched into an entire series, the Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place folks realized their title crippled them by requiring them to always have a girl on the show! No wait... the bigger problem was they were crippled by having to keep the pizza place central to the show even though the characters' lives were growing to the point that they liked other foods, locations and careers. The guys were only working there while they were in school and not many architects and doctors get their degrees then keep working as pizza delivery guys. That title needed changing...

Hmmm... Two Guys, A Girl And A Tempura Joint? No... Two Guys, A Girl And A Strip Joint Full Of Half Naked Women That Serves Hot Wings? Very tempting but... say, here's an idea. What if, now bear with me on this... what if we leave eateries out of the title all together?

But that's crazy!

No listen: Two Guys And A Girl. Hmmm? Whaddya think?

Couldn't it be Two Guys And A Half Naked Girl From A Strip Join...

No! I'm telling you. Two Guys And A Girl. It's perfect.

   Not till Zoe, Duncan, Jack And Jane would become Zoe... would there be such a tumult of confusion and historic media upheaval. No wait a second. I'm wrong again. The effect of the title change on the show was minimal and nobody gave a crap! Well... not in the pizza place again at least.

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