The Beat, Homicide: Life On The Street and Oz

The Beat (2000)
Homicide: Life On The Street (1993-1999)
Oz (1997-2003)
Type: Shared Reality
Group 2

   There are the TV uber producers you hear about all the time who make big hit shows. Like David E. Kelley, creator of his own universe of shows, most all of which either become huge hits or at the very least get themselves, and him, huge amounts of attention. And good on him for that.

   But then you have Tom Fontana. Not quite as close to a household name as Mr. Kelley but perhaps just as deserving. Just like David E. Kelley, he has had a hand in quite a number of shows, most all of them pretty amazing. The difference is Tom Fontana's shows tend toward being more of sleeper hits. They don't always come flying out of the gate with tons of attention. And even when they do that doesn't always lead to tons of instant ratings. But what his shows almost always have is a ton of quality. They start off below the radar and then slowly but surely gain a following. Maybe not as huge a following as other shows but one about 100% more devoted and committed. Fans of Homicide: Life On The Street or Oz are very rarely casual viewers. They make those shows appointment viewing. They know those shows inside and out and God help you if you were to say something like, "Yeah, that shows maybe okay I guess." Blasphemy!!! Quality shows don't always get a lot of viewers but they do get appreciative viewers.

   Okay, stepping back over to the topic of crossovers. Part of the reason I even brought up David E. Kelley is that he does seem to create all his shows in a sort of common world where a character from one might easily end up showing up on another. In that way, he and Tom Fontana are very much alike.

   But just like Tom Fontana's shows might slip under some people's radar, so would the connections between his shows. Don't expect to see the cops from Homicide: Life On The Street or The Beat (one of Fontana's shorter less successful shows) turning up on the HBO prison drama Oz to visit some punk they put behind bars. Nope. Instead these three gritty crime themed shows are linked by. this is so weird. kiddy show host Miss Sally.

   No, I am not high. You heard me. All three of these dirt-beneath-your-nails, life-can-suck, characters-likely-to-be-killed-off-in-the-blink-of-an-eye shows are all connected because the romper stompers on all three shows have all at some point enjoyed watching the fictional kid's show Miss Sally's Schoolyard. Go ahead, laugh at the idea that harden criminals and tough cops would watch such a show. Just don't do it in front of them. Yeah, like none of you ever stops on the dial when you see Sesame Street.

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