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Stargate: Atlantis (2004-    )
Stargate SG-1 (1997-    )
Type: Spin Off

   Okay, I watch a lot of TV and I store even more useless knowledge of TV in my head. In particular, I have a pretty fair knowledge of most shows sci-fi and/or otherwise "geeky". Yet somehow I have avoided any substantial exposure to or knowledge of Stargate SG-1. Just one of those shows that didn't grab me. No harm, no foul. Well... until now that is.

   Stargate SG-1 felt the need to go and produce itself a spin off - Stargate: Atlantis - and, as a result, this shocking gap in my knowledge lays exposed. Curse you SG-1 for brining my shame to light!!!

   So, in short, this page is going to be sketchier than usual. Here we go...

   Okay, here is what I have been able to piece together about both Stargate shows from their commercials. Apparently Stargate SG-1 concerns itself with a military group who have discovered a "stargate". This is a sort of magic door that allows you to walk into it on, say, Earth, and walk out the other side on some other world on the far edge of the universe. So far so good. I am less confident on this point but I believe the stargates were built by magical pixies. Only when our heroes find the stargate all the magic pixie juice which powers the gate has run out (Even less sure on that). Desperate to get the gate working again, the military call in MacGyver, the 1980's hero who could build pretty much any high tech device imaginable out of spare crap (At this point I am confident I have no idea what I am talking about although Richard Dean "MacGyver" Anderson does star on the show). So MacGyver gets the gate working using a combination of tinsel and that KY "warming lubricant" I keep seeing the ads for. The mind boggles at the genius that is MacGyver. Anyway, they get the gate working and then every week the Stargate Team travels to some far off world to solve surprising mysteries ala "Hart To Hart" or "Scooby-Doo".

   I know from reading that description it sounds crazy but, apparently, the show's formula worked because the show has been on for, like, a zillion years! Seriously, it may have started off on old timey radio starring Jack Benny. Stargate SG-1 worked so well a spin off was demanded by a public insane for more intergalactic crime solving. And thus was born Stargate: Atlantis.

   Stargate: Atlantis starts when a new Stargate is discovered in, of all places, the fabled Atlantis. A team goes to Atlantis to investigate. Only it turns out the Atlantis gate is unstable. The team is faced with a choice. They can power up the Atlantis gate and go the hell home - likely causing the destruction or devastation of Atlantis - or they can leave the gate turned off and stay stranded far from home while they investigate this strange new - or rather old - world. In the end they realize that going home will cause the spin off to really suck and end very quickly so they decide to stay. What lies ahead of the team now that they are trapped in the strange and frightening land of Atlantis? What will they find when they venture out of Atlantis and into other cities in Georgia? Will they attend any Braves games? Tune in and find out!

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