Spin City and Sports Night

Spin City (1996-2002)
Sports Night (1998-2000)
Type: Minor Crossover
Group: 24

   Okay, my goal here is not to be long winded on this one and as fast as possible since it's such an easy one.

   Spin City - ABC sitcom about the goings on behind the scenes of the New York mayor's office starring Michael J. Fox (and later Charlie Sheen) as the mayor's right hand man.

   Sports Night - ABC sitcom about the goings on behind the scenes at a cable sports network news show also called Sports Night. Most noted for the fact that it was more of a dramady and that the show's creators fought like crazy to be allowed not to use a laugh track.

   Sports Night followed Spin City on ABC's schedule. Spin City was a hit, Sports Night was a critical hit but it lacked a huge viewership. And so a minor crossover was arranged to force viewers to stick around after Spin City for Sports Night. An episode of Spin City ended with Michael J. Fox's character Michael Flaherty flipping on a TV and tuning in to watch Sports Night (meaning Sport Night the-spots-show-within-the-sitcom, not the sitcom itself). ABC then segued right into Sports Night without stopping for a commercial break. Get it? Unlike most crossovers where they advertise "Hey, crossover! Come watch!" in this case the crossover was unannounced and more just a way to keep viewers from thinking they had an opportunity to change the channel.

   Well, That was fairly brief. I'm stopping while I'm ahead.

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