Sons Of Thunder and Walker, Texas Ranger

Sons Of Thunder (1999)
Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-2001)
Type: Spin Off
Group: 2

   I'll admit it. I am not a huge Walker, Texas Ranger fan. Chuck Norris started out as a feature film action hero who kicked asses and took down names with a harsh and violent style and expert karate moves. Walker, Texas Ranger brought Norris and his action to the small screen in such a way that even my parents were bored by an episode of it. Boring should never be a word you can use to describe Chuck Norris.

   The show's title and who its star was pretty much sums up the show. Chuck Norris played a modern day Texas Ranger who really fought crime when he fought crime - he and his partners karate kicked crime into submission. That's it. Basic action cop formula.

   In 1998 two karate trained friends of Walker were introduced. They were Trent Malloy and Detective Carlos Sandoval. After appearing as regulars on Walker, Texas Ranger for about a year and a half, Trent and Carlos got a shot at a show of their own when they were spun off into Sons Of Thunder. In it, the guys went into the P.I. business opening Thunder Investigations. Whereas Walker worked for the government beating the crap out of people, the Sons Of Thunder were hired privately by people to solve cases and, well, beat the crap out of people. Not that they were thugs for hire or anything. It's just that when you have your own show, your own detective agency and you know karate... well fate just says once a week you will be burying your foot in someone's poop chute. The show was only on a few months before Sons Of Thunder had to call it quit for lack of audience interest. My guess as to what the problem was would have to be the show's lack of any star power. The guys might have been great at fight scenes but they didn't have that instant name recognition that Chuck Norris does.

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