King Of The Hill and The Simpsons

King Of The Hill (1996-    )
The Simpsons (1989-    )
Type: Crossover
Group 40

   Okay, King Of The Hill and The Simpsons are definitely not part of the same universe... except that they are. I mean they share a common reality... except they are entirely separate.

   Here's the poop. There was in fact a fully sanctioned bona fide crossover with Hank Hill appearing on The Simpsons. Now the Simpsons gets tricky because they love to riff on pop culture and do all sorts of unofficial gag cameo crossovers (Archie and company Archie comics throwing Homer from a car warning him to "Stay out of Riverdale!" for example). For sanity sake I am only counting the full fledged, network hyped, cross-promoting-other-FOX-shows crossovers. And that's what this was. It was FOX attempting to attract some attention to its up and coming cartoon series by having its lead pop up on its biggest hit cartoon series. Basically the crossover consisted of King Of The Hill's Hank Hill showing up in Springfield to watch his hometown football team play an away game. Quick shot of him in the crowd, a quick line of dialogue and we're done. He was there. Shows connected... despite the utterly different physiology of the shows characters (Hello? Simpsons: yellow, google eyed and four fingered. Hank Hill: not a mutant freak).

   But wait. Check out this quote from Greg Daniels, former Simpsons executive producer and King Of The Hill co-creator from around the time the crossover happened:

   "In the world of King Of The Hill, The Simpsons exist in that Bobby has a Bart doll. It's just a TV show..."

   So they definitely are... and are not... part of the same universe. See?

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