Promised Land and Touched By An Angel

Promised Land (1996-1999)
Touched By An Angel (1994-2003)
Type: Spin Off Group: 18

   Say, remember Michael Landon in Highway To Heaven. You know, that show where angel Jonathan and his living friend Mark Gordon traveled around on missions from God helping people work through there troubles? Well Touched By An Angel was pretty much the same deal except instead of angel Jonathan you had angel Monica, a pretty and inexperienced angel played by Roma Downey. And instead of grouchy mortal Mark played by Victor French you had super grouchy supervising angel Tess played by Della Reese. I'm serious! Watch that show! They get somebody with attitude they're trying to help and Tess will tell them where to get off. I'll take Victor French.

   So these two angels go from place to place helping people fix their lives and find God. In addition they also had other angels to help out including Andrew, the super nice and friendly ANGEL OF DEATH! Seriously, he was a nice guy aside from all the grim reaping.

   Well one of the families these angels helped was the Greene family. Tess and Monica helped this family so much with finding the lord and getting their crap together that the entire Greene family decided to take up the same quest as the angels. The family loaded up a trailer and started driving around the country helping people with the occasional divine help of the angels. I think God must have ordered the angels to lend them a hand once in awhile. It was afterall because of these angels that like crazy people this family pulled their kids out of school and started driving around all over the place on a quest from God normally done by supernatural beings. I think given how nutty what they were doing was God figured he owed 'em any help he could give them. I mean if a guy drove up to your house in a crappy trailer and told you he and his whole family had seen angels, had decided to become homeless wanders and do God's work and could they come in and help you, what would you do? I'd call the cops, barricade the doors and get some guns.

   After two seasons, the Greenes actually did settle down in a house in Denver and do there good work from there. What's up with that? So only people in Denver need spiritual aid? Or is Denver the most spiritually destitute place in America? Like they drove into town, looked around and said, "Damn! This is like the armpit of the spiritual world! We might as well settle down 'cause we got enough work here to keep us busy for a decade or so."

   I'm kidding of course. They settled down in Denver so their friends would stop thinking they had all lost their minds and because the traveling bit wasn't getting the ratings. After two season, quest from God or not, Promised Land was off the air.

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