Once And Again and thirtysomething

Once And Again (1999-2002)
Thirtysomething (1987-1991)
Type: Crossover

   You remember thirtysomething right? That comedy/drama/semi-soapish show from the end of the eighties about the lives of a group of thirty-ish yuppies. Please tell me you remember because this page has enough stuff to get confused by and if you can't handle this simple piece of it we're in trouble.

   Okay. Again, thirtysomething. Show about youngish yuppies. Guitar riffs for a soundtrack. Two of the lead characters, Michael Steadman and Elliot Weston ran an advertising firm. The firm went belly up and they had to take positions at a larger firm. There boss there was a guy by the name of Miles Drentell. He was the evilest, schemingest, baddest boss of all evil scheming bad bosses. He used and abused our heroes like pack mules. Perfect evil boss, pefect villain.

   Almost ten years later and the producers of thirtysomething have a new show called Once And Again. Its another yuppie drama about two divorced people (not divorced from each other mind you) trying to get together as a couple despite the obstacles (like the objections and such from their children and families). Please please please do not confuse this show with Now And Again, a show that premiered the same year about a man who dies and has his brain revived in a new superman-like body and is then forced to let his family think he is dead. Despite the sci-fi premise, it was also at heart a yuppy-feely drama, just not one that crossed over with thirtysomething. And to the producers of both shows who insisted on giving their programs such similar names - I HATE YOU GUYS!!!! Whenever someone brings one of these shows up, I'm not sure which one is being talked about until half a minute into the conversation.

   Well I'm getting off away from the topic. On Once And Again - that's the non sci-fi one - Rick Sammler, our divorced dude, runs an architectural firm. It seems that since thirtysomething ended, bad boss Miles Drentell has went from being an ad man to being an image consultant. He hires poor hapless Rick to design his firms new building and thus does a nice flip flop, going from evilest and most annoying boss to evilest and most annoying client. Truth be told... I think he should have gone over for a guest shot on the bionic dead guy show too. Bionic dead guys need good villains. And as much as I yell about the similar show names, the further confusion his being on both shows would cause would tickle me to know ends.

   Also, for the record, there is also a cable documentary/news show called Time And Again and I will be starting my own yuppy drama called Again And Again as soon as possible so as to make all TV viewers cry in exasperation. Thank you.

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