Moesha and The Parkers

Moesha (1996-2001)
The Parkers (1999-2004)
Type: Spin Off
Group: 30

   Moesha was a sitcom vehicle for young black singing sensation Brandy. It was your typical teen centered comedy ala Happy Days, The Wonder Years... add your favorite "sitcom that captured those growing years" show here. The difference here was of course that this show centered on a middle class young black girl which actually makes it unique. That's not exactly an overly harvested setup.

   While a comedy, Moesha wasn't one of those wacky just for laughs yuk fests. The show tried to infuse the show with the reality of growing up. Knowing Moesha would probably be viewed as a role model to their audience, the series showed Moesha grow and change and make hard life decisions. I'm a little curious now because as I write this there are reports of the show going into more... questionable directions with one of Moesha's friends turning out to be Moesha's father's illegitimate child. Now that the character is an adult maybe they feel the show should become more adult as well. I just hope they don't confuse "adult" with "trashy". It sounds like they might be going into dangerous territory. One of the producers has even quit over the show's new direction.

   But that is neither here nor there. This is about spin offs and a show as popular as Moesha was sure to spawn one and it did in a show named The Parkers. Kim Parker started off as Mo's heavy set but energetic friend on Moesha. When the kids on Moesha graduated High School, Kim headed off to college and her own show. Well it wasn't just HER show and she didn't head off to college all alone: it was also her mom's show as mom also headed off to college with Kim. Kim's mom had been fairly young when she had Kim so the two were fairly close age-wise and the two were actually good friends. Mom was also energetic and a bit on the heavy side.

   I have caught a couple episodes of The Parkers and I actually kind of liked it. They play up nicely the conflict between the two leads trying to balance being friends and mother/daughter. What do you do as a parent when your best friend/daughter wants to do rowdy college stuff that they probably shouldn't? Especially when you might want to do the same thing yourself? One episode I saw had the Parkers both pledging a sorority and being hazed like crazy. Mom finally had enough and stood up for herself, having more pride than to be treated like crap. Kim however sided against her mom in a way by staying with it - she didn't mind the hazing and found the entire thing fun. It's one of those shows I actually wouldn't mind stumbling upon on those nights when NOTHING is on. Unfortunately I usually don't.

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