Love And War and Murphy Brown

Love & War (1992-1995)
Murphy Brown (1988-1998)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    This is another crossover where nobody from the two shows actually meets each other but a common plot line ties them together.

    It happened around the time O.J. Simpon came under suspision of killing his wife. He evaded police in a long slow car chase down Los Angeles freeways in a white Ford Bronco. It raised all sorts of issues in the media about how the incident and the murder case was being covered, about how the public responded to the coverage etc, etc...

    Diane English and company who produced both Murphy Brown and Love And War wanted to examine these issues and attitudes. But to make sitcom episodes about a murder case in progress would be... well tacky. And the very issues they wanted to get into were the ways the media coverage of the event were going to affect the trial and O.J. Simpson's getting fair treatment in the case. Making the episode ABOUT him would make the episode part of the very ruckus they were trying to examine. So instead, a fictional case similar to the Simpson case was invented. If I recall correctly it involved a well known politician who was also a former astronaut. He was accused of a crime very much like the Simpson case. There was even a slow speed car chase.

    On Murphy Brown, a comedy about a news program, the case broke and the show centered on how the media covered the story. What was right, what was ethical, how did the journalists feel about the case and their part in the coverage. The Simpson case was mentioned but the focus was on the fictional crime.

    Following Murphy Brown the same night, Love And War looked at the case from the publics point of view. Love And War was a comedy about a romance between a journalist and the woman who owned the bar he frequented. The bar was used as a way to show people's feelings about the case and their reactions to the media's handling of it. In watching the coverage, the cast of Murphy Brown was shown but not in typical crossover fashion. They weren't at the bar. The bar patrons saw them the way we would see Dan Rathers or Ted Koppel: on television.

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