Las Vegas and Passions

Las Vegas (2003-2008)
Passions (1999-2007)
Type: Crossover
Group: 10

   Son of a... I thought I wrote this page already! Now I have to relive the pain? I blocked those memories for a reason. Oh hell.

   This was just a bad crossover event. Just... bad. NBC did a cross promotion between its popular daytime and its up and coming prime time drama. Sounds good in theory... on paper...

   Passions was NBC's funky, goofy daytime soap. It was different from typical soap operas in that Passions was a show that included things like magic and witches. It didn't take itself all that seriously.

   Las Vegas? NBC's primetime continuing drama (aka: kinda soapy) centering on the staff at the fictional Las Vegas Montecito Hotel. I could get into further detail but, for this crossover, it's not worth it.

   The crossover came down to this. It all happened on Passions. A number of characters from the town of Harmony, where Passions is set, find themselves in Las Vegas at, hey go figure, The Montecito where they interact with a couple of the Montecito staff. The problem is the interaction between the characters from the two shows was... lame. The appearances by the Las Vegas folks amounted to nothing. They didn't get seriously involved with the Passions folks or their plots in any way. They would wander into a scene for a cameo, talking to other unseen Las Vegas characters on the phone, have a few lines of dialogue with the Passions people and then wander back out. Weak enough, they then stretched it out over a couple of days of episodes. Reviewing these episodes I would sit watching and watching as tons of other plots went on only to find a few scattered minutes where someone from Las Vegas would accidentally walk into frame. That's a crossover? I guess technically it is.

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