Las Vegas and Medium

Las Vegas (2003-2008)
Medium (2005-    )
Type: Minor Mention
Group: 10

   This one is a "blink and you'll miss it" deal. So very minor yet totally solid. This will be very very brief.

   Las Vegas is a show that was produced for NBC about, duh, a Las Vegas casino named The Montecito. Medium was an NBC show centering on Allison Dubois, an investigator with supernatural perception. In the Medium episode Method To His Madness, Allison started having dreams in which she was the killer. What I mean is there was a real killer out there and Allison would dream things the killer really did but, in the dreams, she was taking the place of the killer.

   In one of the dreams, the killer/Allison is at a Vegas casino shooting craps. Now nowhere in the background are there any Montecito signs and nobody says anything like, "Hey, this Montecito place is nice." But when they show the craps table we can see all the poker chips that are being bet and they are clearly Montecito chips. The Montecito has a very specific logo: a large rounded "M" with the rest of the casino's name printed across it. Now on the Medium episode, even with really great resolution it would be hard to read the rest of the name but the very specific shape of the "M" can clearly be seen on the chips. There's no doubt they are Montecito chips. And for whatever reason, whenever an NBC show goes to Vegas, they always end up at the Montecito. NBC loves hooking there shows up with the show Las Vegas.

   And, parting note (since this is such a short page anyway): With this episode, Jean Claude Van Damme dies again. See, on Las Vegas they did an episode where Jean Claude Van Damme appeared as himself and was killed off. Thus, anytime another show connects to Las Vegas, Jean Claude Van Damme can officially be assumed to be dead on that show as well. It's a plague of dead Van Dammes. That plague can be carried over by something as small and harmless as a poker chip. Oh, the horror.

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