Love American Style and The New Love American Style

Love, American Style (1969-1974)
The New Love, American Style (1985-1986)
Type: Series Revival
Group 4

    Love! American style! Grooviní on the red white and blue-hoo-hoo! Love, American Style was an anthology series of sorts. Every episode featured a number of self contained stories all about, duh, love in America. Itís an icon of what was 70ís television. In the mid 80ís somebody got the strange idea of producing a new version of the series for ABCís daytime TV schedule. How did this happen? Not that itís a bad idea. Its just that daytime seems like an odd place to schedule this sort of original programming. Game Shows? Soap Operas? Okay. But an anthology sitcom?

    Also of note: whereas the original Love, American Style was shot on film with a look going for realism, the follow up was shot on video tape on minimal studio sets.

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