The Jackie Thomas Show and Roseanne

The Jackie Thomas Show (1992-1993)
Roseanne (1988-1997)
Type: Crossover

   Once upon a time, before a bitter angry divorce, Roseanne Barr/Arnold/Your-name-here and Tom Arnold were a happy Hollywood couple. They went everywhere together and inspired everyone by showing off their love and their buts to the world.

   In this thrall of love, Roseanne first made Tom Arnold a power player and a regular actor on her show Roseanne. The show was based on Roseanne's comedy act about being an average lower class housewife. This in turn was based on her having been an average lower class housewife before she got rich, dumped her first husband, became famous and married Tom Arnold.

   Anyway, after a time she and Tom produced a brand new show starring Tom named The Jackie Thomas Show. The show was about the goings on behind the scenes of a major network series also titled The Jackie Thomas Show. Tom Arnold starred as Jackie Thomas, the star and boss of the show.

   Eventually Roseanne and The Jackie Thomas Show crossed over. Roseanne was set in the mid-west but they did an episode where Roseanne and company all loaded into a motor home and headed for L.A. on vacation. They were all hoping to go see a taping of a certain TV show but ended up instead going to watch a taping of The Jackie Thomas Show - that's the Jackie Thomas Show-within-the-show mind you. Jackie Thomas did some warm up shtick witch the crowd before the filming and Roseanne and her family ended up going nutty and utterly upstaging him.

   Now while the sitcom Roseanne ran happily ever after for many a year, The Jackie Thomas Show bit down on a poison ratings apple and went into a death slumber. And nobody was willing to do that kissing bit to wake it back up. Tom Arnold tried a couple more times at new shows, none of which took off, and eventually he and Roseanne broke up. And oh how the kingdom was saddened... no wait... that's right.... oh how the kingdom didn't really care so much except for the tabloids. And Roseanne and Tom lived separately and relatively happily ever after.

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