Ink and Murphy Brown

Ink (1996-1997)
Murphy Brown (1988-1998)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    Ted Danson followed up his huge success on Cheers unfortunately with a much less successful sitcom over on CBS. Lord knows they stacked the cards in favor of it being a hit. Ted's costar was his real life wife Mary Steenburgen. It had the creative power of Diane English the creator of Murphy Brown. It had a cush spot on CBS's Monday night lineup which was always a comedy powerhouse. But it just didn't quite fly.

    Ted Danson played a reporter for a New York newspaper. Mary Steenburgen was his boss and former wife. Needless to say this lead to friction and the potential for their relationship to blossom anew.

    Perhaps in an attempt to draw attention to the show, Candice Bergen did a guest appearance as Murphy Brown. As it turns out she and Ted's character were formerly involved and their passions DID re-ignite... at least for one episode. At the same time, Mary Steenburgen's character was also getting involved with Ted's old reporter buddy Jack Stein. Stein was a character from another cancelled Diane English vehicle Love And War who was resurrected and kept popping up often on Ink.

    Here is what makes this really confusing. Jack Stein was played by Jay Thomas. On Murphy Brown Jay Thomas had played the role of scummy talk show host Jerry Gold. So with him and Candice Bergen on the same show, for at least half a second it was confusing as to who he was supposed to be. In my opinion, this confusion is why the show was cancelled. Okay, probably not.

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