Heroes and Las Vegas

Heroes (2006-    )
Las Vegas (2003-    )
Type: Crossover
Group: 10

   Wow. This is just such bad news for Jean-Claude Van Damme.

   Okay, this is something you don't see everyday: a crossover where the crossover "character" is the main location of a show. (I'll get back to Van Damme. Don't rush me, don't rush me.) Okay, in 2003 NBC starts up a show called Las Vegas, a breezy drama with a bit of the ongoing "soap" type storytelling set in a fictional Las Vegas casino named the Montecito. I'd go way in depth on the characters and plot of Las Vegas except, in this case, really no need. At least as of now the lives and stories of those characters don't actually enter into this crossover. Well, except for... but that will keep.

   Okay. Cut to 2006. NBC starts a drama with a comic book superhero sensibility: Heroes. Quick and simple, certain people around the world start discovering they have super powers. A cheerleader finds out she has the power to recover from any wound... ANY wound. A cop discovers he has mental powers. A politician discovers he can fly. His brother discovers that whenever he is near someone else who has a power he temporarily has that power too. Then there is the single mom who has a split personality: she's a regular person, her other personality is a strong, tough and maybe nutzo Mrs. Hyde/Hulk/Still Hottie Hot. Japanese businessman Hiro Nakamura finds he can control time. He can move back and forth in it, freeze it... the whole nine yards. Finally there is artist Isaac Mendez who gets high and paints paintings of the future. Unfortunately the future he paints and which Hiro has jumped ahead in time and seen) seems to involve a wee bit of an apocalypse. Man, you get superpowers and then you find out the end is nigh. Buzzkill.

   Well, episode four finds many many roads leading to Las Vegas... the city, not the show... although... Anyway, Hiro has seen a comic book by "future vision" artist Isaac in which he is one of the characters. The comic says he and his friend Ando go to Vegas so, hey, they go to Vegas. Super-Politician Nathan Petrelli is also heading to Vegas. Niki Sanders the split personality ass kicker is a Vegas stripper and so there already. And if you are on NBC and in Vegas, where else would you stay if not the Montecito! I'm not positive that Nathan Petrelli and Niki Sanders were in the Montecito but Hiro and Ando definitely were.

   Niki is pressured to whore herself out to Nathan but refuses. Then she goes all crazy, kicks the ass of the guy forcing her and then she whores herself out to Nathan. Of course this is her "other" personality and not her.

   Meanwhile at the Montecito's game tables Hiro stumbles into using his control of time to make money. He is in Vegas on a mission but Ando gets the gambling fever and throws their money away on roulette. Hiro arrives in time to see their last dollar on the line. Out of desperation he stops time and cheats the wheel so that they win. Ando then convinces him there is nothing wrong with more cheating. Only they cheat really STUPID. Ando is playing poker. Hiro stops time and switches bad cards in his friend's hand with good cards from another player's hand. Doofus! Switch with undealt cards in the deck! But no, that would be easy and foolproof. Needless to say, they get caught. They get booted out into an alley behind the Montecito (said Montecito on the door and everything). Then the guy they ripped off at poker shows up to clean their clocks. Now Hiro should have been able to use his power to fix things in some way. Only dumbass Ando tells the guys Hiro has the power to defeat them so they immediately knock him cold.

   That's about it so far. Whether the Montecito will appear more isn't clear. Hiro and Ando looked pretty banned from the place though.

   So why would Heroes and Las Vegas connect like this. I mean it isn't (so far) a full fledged crossover with characters from one show meeting characters from another. So... why? My guess is... why not? Clearly the plot of Heroes was going to take them to Vegas. So the show would need Vegas sets. So either they spend big money on sets or they go film in Vegas. But, hello, the show Las Vegas is all set and good to go with big ass Vegas sets. So as long as the Heroes people could arrange to shoot without getting in the way of the shooting of Las Vegas, bam, instant sets for less cost. Plus by shooting Heroes "at the Montecito" NBC gets some nice synergy. People tune in to NBC's new hot show, they see the Montecito, then nerds like me notice, talk about it online and suddenly their other show Las Vegas is being talked about some. Maybe not tons but some. Some buzz is better than no buzz especially when the cost is one of your shows saving money!

   Finally... Van Damme. He just can't catch a break. See, way back on Las Vegas they actually killed Jean-Claude Van Damme. Not a character he was playing. He appeared on Las Vegas as himself and they killed him. Kind of a funky thing to do. Only thing is then Las Vegas started doing crossovers with other shows. So every time Las Vegas does a crossover, Van Damme is dead on that show. Sort of like a Van Damme plague really. Now including Heroes Van Damme is dead on four shows: Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan, Passions (yes, Passions) and Heroes. If this group ever connects up with one of the giant crossover groups... well the Van Damme death toll would be devastating. We're talking a lot of dead Belgian. I make a desperate plea to the producers of Heroes... please, save the Muscles From Brussels from this horrible fate! Ya got a time traveling goofball right there! Fix it! Send the sucker back and have him unkill Van Damme. This Van Damme horror needs to stop! You have the power! Remember, with great powers come great... big... Belgians.

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