The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

The Hardy Boys Mysteries(1977-1979)
Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977-1978)
Type: Crossover

   Here's a good trick: a show that crossed over with itself. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries was an ABC series where week to week the show alternated between episodes featuring the crime solving exploits of Joe and Frank Hardy and those of Nancy Drew. Both the Hardys and Nancy Drew were teenaged sleuths.

   While for the most part the Hardys and Nancy Drew worked separately, on occasion they would get together to solve a case. Eventually the Nancy Drew solo cases were dropped and Nancy became a regular character on the Hardy Boy's stories. Then she disappeared from the show altogether.

   A side note. There were syndicated versions of both the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew with new casts years later. They are not included on my list of crossovers and spin offs. My logic is that the new shows were not updates on the old show or necessarily inspired by it but rather by the original Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew books that had spawned the first show. I am not including any shows that are connected by common source material (a book, comic book...) rather than directly connected to each other. Some exceptions may pop up but usually with good reason.

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