Golden Girls and The Golden Palace

Golden Girls (1985-1992)
Golden Palace (1992-1993)
Type: Spin Off
Group 8

    NBC's hit series The Golden Girls came to an end when Bea Arthur decided to leave the show. The show was about three older ladies (Dorothy, Blanche and Rose) sharing a house in Miami along with Dorothy's mom Sophia. The series ended with Bea Arthur's character Dorothy getting married and moved away.

    The following season a spin off of the show appeared on CBS called The Golden Palace. In it, Rose, Blanche and Sophia bought a hotel in Miami and ended up running the place with the help of three new charatcers. Chuy Castillos was played by Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong fame. Roland was played by the not yet famous Don Cheadle who would go on to films like Boogie Nights and Traffic. Finally Oliver was a young boy who hung around the hotel who was played by Billy L. Sullivan who has gone on to success in...uh...well, I mean, he is just a kid. He'll do something else soon I'm sure. Bea Arthur made one guest appearance on the show as Dorothy in which Dorothy wonder about how smart it was for her elderly mother to be helping run a hotel.

    After one season the show was cancelled. CBS put it in a bad spot on Friday night where it and the Bob Newhart vehicle Bob both met with little success. The next season the show was gone and Sophia moved back to NBC to be a regular on the other Golden Girls spin off Empty Nest.

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