Golden Girls and Nurses

Golden Girls (1985-1992)
Nurses (1991-1994)
Type: Crossover
Group 8

    The Golden Girls was a huge hit sitcom for NBC that spawned a spin off series about The Golden Girl's neighbor Doctor Harry Weston called Empty Nest.

   Nurses was a sitcom about a group of nurses produced by the same people responsible for both of the previous two shows. It was set at Miami's Grant Memorial Hospital where Doctor Harry Weston worked.

   All three shows were on NBC on Saturday night which led the show producers and NBC to stage both regular small crossovers between the shows and also big major crossover events with all three shows sharing in some large general plot like a hurricane or a full moon making people act crazy. In at least one of these Sophia from the Golden Girls was trapped over in the hospital on an episode of Nurses. These big crossovers only happened while all three shows were on the air on the same night. Once the Golden Girls was cancelled and then revived on another network under the title Golden Palace, that was about it for the big crossover event nights. When Empty Nest had Harry stopped working at the hospital and go to work at a clinic the crossovers were done altogether.

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