Getting Together and The Partridge Family

Getting Together (1971-1972)
The Partridge Family (1970-1974)
Type: Spin Off

   Hey, if The Partridge Family could help bolster singer Shirley Jones' career, why wouldn't the same thing work for singer Bobby Sherman? Give him a show and it'll boost his musical career and his fans will form a nice starting audience for the show! And hell, if Bobby Sherman's show was a spin off of The Partridge family, that would add all those potential viewers to its audience too!

   I'm guessing that was the thinking behind the Partridge spin off Getting Together. The main characters of Getting Together were introduced in the final episode of The Partridge Family's first season with the new show premiering the following fall and running a single season. I think I see part of the problem right there - having the new series premiere three months after its characters appeared on The Partridge Family. You gotta grab the audience when you've got'em. Intro the guys on The Partridge Family and then put their show on the air the next day. After three months any possible interest generated from that first appearance would have totally died off. Who would remember it?

   So what was Getting Together? Well, Bobby Sherman played Bobby Conway a struggling musician who could write tunes but not lyrics. His buddy Lionel Poindexter wrote the words. Their first appearance on The Partridge Family told the story of these two... getting together (ugh). While the Partridges were out on tour, Bobby had been breaking into their garage and using their instruments and recording equipment to record his music. He was then going to leave the music for the Partridges in the hopes that they might like his stuff. Hey, good thinking. I know if some freak stranger broke into my home, used my stuff and then left me a demo tape with a note asking for a job, well I'd hire that guy right away. Not like someone that loony might bury an axe in your spine at some point or anything.

   Back home from the road, the Partridges catch the guy at work in their garage. He explains himself and THEY BUY IT! Not only that but learning he needs help writing lyrics, they hook him up with their friend the aforementioned Poindexter. Then the guys headed off together to their own show.

   On Getting Together, Bobby also had a little sister he had custody of named Jennifer. Bobby, Jennifer and Lionel all lived together... in an antique store. See, you gotta have that "clever/fun" element. The Partridge Family was a rock band that was a wholesome family and these guys lived in a store because they were so poor! Oh how fun! yeah, whatever.

   Well that was the audience's take on the show too I guess - yeah, whatever. Just halfway through the season the show was cancelled. Still, you have to wonder what happened to that sorry trio. I'm guessing right off the bat Bobby lost custody for poor parenting because HE HAD THEM LIVING IN A STORE! Then I'm seeing heavy depression setting in over the loss, a slide into substance abuse, a fight with Poindexter starting with mockery of that name ("Hey whatch yoo lookin' at Poindexter?") and then a visit from the police to break things up and hall them both to jail. Oh the humanity. It is probably for the best the series ended when it did.

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