George Burns Comedy Week and Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills

George Burns Comedy Week (1985)
Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills (1986)
Type: Spin Off

   The George Burns Comedy Week was a very rare sort of show - a comedy anthology series. The only other one I can even think of is Love, American Style. Each week the show would have a new cast in a new half hour comedy with George Burns introducing and giving a wrap up to each story like a sort of comedic Rod Serling. The show was in general not exactly cutting edge comedy. It was more the safe and harmless sort of comedy you could watch comfortably with your grandparents. I know that's how I watched it. It was... non-offensive. Okay, hardly a sterling review. That's why it didn't last very long, okay?

   One of the episodes of the show served as a pilot for the show Leo And Liz In Beverly Hills. Harvey Korman and Valerie Perrine were Leo and Liz, a couple who had moved to Beverly Hills from the east after working hard to become rich. The show played off of these working class rich east coasters conflicting with the rich and "proper" Beverly Hills folks. The worst part was Leo worked hard at and really wanted to fit in. Of course nothing makes it more impossible to fit in than trying hard to do just that... and so the comedy and laughs ensued. Well, they ensued for awhile. After three months (just a month short of The George Burns Comedy Week's total run) Leo And Liz got the boot and faded into TV history... or a test pattern and static, I forget which.

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