Funny Face and The Sandy Duncan Show

Funny Face (1971)
The Sandy Duncan Show (1972)
Type: Series Revamp

   Sandy Duncan was an up and coming star back in the early seventies that you wanted to keep an eye out for. Oh I'm sorry! This entry has precious little to work with and if I can fill some space with a tasteless horrible reference joke to Miss Duncan's... singularity of vision, well then that's what I'm gonna do.

   So anyway, they gave Sandy Duncan a show to star in called Funny Face. Sandy Duncan played Sandy Stockton a college coed in Los Angeles who also worked as a commercial actress. No one watched, no one cared, no one kept it on the air. When she was told the show got the axe, I bet there was a not too funny face.

   The next season Sandy Stockton returned in The Sandy Duncan Show. Now she was working at an ad agency, had new friends and still no one cared. They canned it after a four month run just like Funny Face.

   Both shows ran on CBS... the Eye Network. I'm sorry but that is true! Anyhow, CBS just clearly did not realize the role America was dying to see Sandy Duncan play: a pixyish alien who controlled the giant robotic monster we know as Big Foot! Yes, that was what we Americans wanted to see her play and it would take a few more years before The Six Million Dollar Man would help give us all exactly that and Sandy Duncan the role of a lifetime!

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