Frasier and Wings

Frasier (1993-2004)
Wings (1990-1997)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    If you have already read the Cheers/Wings crossover, this will all sound very familiar. Wings was a show very much in the style of Cheers. Think Cheers at an airport. It was made by the same folks and this lead to several crossovers.

    One came in the form of Frasier Crane. I am not certain but I believe Frasier may have made more than just one appearance on Wings. The one that leaps to my mind though had Frasier and his then wife Lillith flying into Nantucket so that Frasier could promote his new psychological self help book with a group seminar. Of course his self help book and seminar ended up causing nothing but trouble with the regulars. Between the havoc his book caused and his wife Lillith's caustic criticism of his book's pop culture quick fix angle, Frasier did not head off a very happy camper.

    This crossover was actually with Cheers and the show Frasier didn't even exist yet but technically speaking, given that it was Frasier making the appearance I gotta say it's a Frasier crossover as well. If someone were to see the episode today having an awareness of Frasier but not of Cheers (I guess they lived in a cave) they would see it as a Frasier/Wings crossover. I realize I am over explaining this but I just can't seem to stop typing!

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