Family Matters and Step By Step

Family Matters (1989-1998)
Step By Step (1991-1998)
Type: Crossover
Group 30

   As I've said elsewhere, TV is lousy with Urkel and Urkel crossovers. How bad is it? It's so bad that at times it is literally raining Urkels. That's right buddy. Not safe for people to go outside without the threat of a nerd plummeting from the sky and right onto their heads. Oh the humanity! Just ask the poor Lambert family of Step By Step.

   How could such a thing happen?!?!? Well, on the episode of Family Matters that aired just before Step By Step, geek's geek Steve Urkel had gotten into some wacky trouble. Steve got involved in a rope climbing contest against a jock to try and win the love of Laura, the girl of his dreams. With athletics not being his strong suit, Steve decided to use his brains to win the contest and built a rocket pack to help him win. Of course, since he's a genius and all, you might think he'd realize that was CHEATING!!! But of course where would the comedy be without the rocket pack? The rocket pack helps Steve up the rope, through the roof and up into the wild blue yonder. At 50,000 feet no one could here his plaintive cries of, "Like Icarus I built wings of wax have flown too close to the sun and now will surely die!!!" Or maybe he just went, "WAAAAA!!! OH LADY!!!" Who can say?

   He flew so high and far that he flew right out of his own show and crash down onto Step By Step careening into the middle of a family barbecue and their picnic table. This meant he also actually flew from Chicago, Illinois (Setting of Family Matters) all the way to Port Washington, Wisconsin (Setting of Step By Step). That's about 117 miles. So he blew through a roof, roared largely unprotected through the stratosphere for 117 miles and then crunched down into a hard table not only alive but almost entirely unscathed. I'm telling you, Urkels are like roaches... or The Terminator. They're unkillable!!!

   So that brings us to Step By Step. Step By Step was yet another update on the basic Brady Bunch formula: single mom and single dad get married and have to integrate their respective broods into one TV uber-brood... I mean... one big happy family. Well these poor suckers had only been married for a single episode. And the parents got married by surprise without their kids having met each other. This was a family on the edge, rife with angst and trauma. Awash in shock and confusion they needed some help and guidance. They certainly didn't need more stress. That's when the nerd crashed like a fiery harbinger of doom into the middle of their family meal. The children's already fragile psyches were dealt yet more damage, more than even they would realize for years to come. Between the surprise wedding and a psycho nerd unexpectedly falling from the sky nearly killing them all, years of intensive therapy would be needed for them all.

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