Empty Nest and Nurses

Empty Nest (1988-1995)
Nurses (1991-1994)
Type: Crossovers
Group 8

    Empty Nest was a sitcom about a Miami widower doctor who had two of his full grown daughters move back home to live with him. Nurses was a sitcom about a group of nurses working at Miami's Grant Memorial Hospital. Both shows were on NBC on Saturday night and both were produced by the same company which also produced another NBC Saturday hit sitcom: The Golden Girls. With this in mind it shouldn't be a huge surprise that Empty Nest's Doctor Harry Weston's pediatric practice was in the same hospital where Nurses was set.

    The character's of Empty Nest and Nurses made regular crossover appearances on each other's shows as well as on The Golden Girls. Often NBC would have a theme night where, say, a hurricane would hit Miami with the plot playing out across all three programs with characters moving between the shows. Harry might run over to The Golden Girls house which was next to his to get supplies. And Golden Girl Sophia and Empty Nest's Charlie might both be stuck in the hospital during the storm over on Nurses.

    Eventually these massive crossovers stopped. The Golden Girls was cancelled and brought back as Golden Palace over on CBS, Empty Nest's Harry Weston retired from his practice and went to work at a clinic outside the hospital and Nurses got the axe.

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