Empire and Redigo

Empire (1962-1964)
Redigo (1963)
Type: Series Revamp

   Oh Lord help me. I have written about a zillion of these entries at this point. I've already covered most of the entries I really care about, the shows I know well. I've even covered most all of the ones any of you out there would know or care about. I am now down to the pissy "who really remembers or even cares about this" shows. If you do care about Empire or Redigo, I apologize. But you are insane you know.

   Okay, Empire was a modern day western. It was set on this huge "empire" of a ranch and Jim Redigo was the guy responsible for running the place. For two years worth of episodes he charmed and delighted viewers with his exploits until they started booing him and telling him to get bent. Then Empire got canned. The next year Redigo showed up in his own show named... well, Redigo!

   Redigo had good old Jim now running his own ranch. Redigo was only 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes like Empire. There motto was "Twice as much sucky western crammed into half the time - you are so welcome!" Well okay that wasn't the motto but it might as well have been. It went half a season and then NBC cancelled it. I guess NBC figured it was a safe move. Since no one was watching anyway nobody would really notice or care. And they still don't... except for you, I guess, since you're reading this page. Go on! Get out of here! There are plenty better pages about plenty better shows you could be reading about.

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