The Dukes Of Hazzard and Enos

The Dukes Of Hazzard (1979-1985)
Enos (1980-1981)
Type: Spin Off
Group 9

   Take a shy country deputy, transplant him to the big city and what do you have? One season and then a quick cancellation.

   Deputy Enos Strateís name sums him up pretty well. On The Dukes Of Hazzard he was the one good cop in a corrupt sheriffís office. While Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and Roscoe's various replacements were under town bigshot Boss Hoggís pay and would arrest Bo and Luke Duke for the most trumped up of charges, Enos was the shy quiet deputy who believed in the law and for the most part would only take action against the Dukes on charges that seemed legitimate. If Boss Hogg ever gave him orders that were less than honorable Enos would usually follow them but with much shame and embarrassment. Knowing how Enos was, Boss Hogg would normally try and use Enos's naivete, not letting Enos in on his schemes and letting him think he was doing the right thing. Likewise, the Duke family had known Enos since childhood and knew he was a good man. They would thus try and avoid causing him trouble if they could help it and would try to talk him into doing the right thing when he was doing Boss Hogg's dirty work. Shy backward Enos had a huge crush on Daisy Duke, which was something else the Dukes would use to their advantage.

   After about two hugely successful seasons chasing the Dukes, CBS decided to try and expand their success by giving Enos his own show. Enos found himeself recruited to work in Los Angeles for the LAPD. He was partnered with black officer Turk Adams. Episodes were often framed within his writing home a letter to the Dukes about his latest adventures. He usually would solve the crimes with down home country knowledge and common sense ala Andy Griffith. In one case he knew the suspect couldnít have committed the crime because a knot that was an important piece of evidence was tied right handed style and the suspect was left handed.

   In theory it was a good idea: spin off a hit show with a fish out of water premise. And Enos was likable and silly in a Gomer Pyle-lish causing-trouble-while-doing-good sort of way. But he just wasnít a strong enough character to support an entire show. Gomer Pyle was at least a live wire - annoying but energetic enough that he was impossible to ignore. Enos was less annoying and less energetic. He was blandly likable and laid back, not characteristics to pull you back to an action comedy week after week. After a single season Enos the show was cancelled and shortly afterward Enos the character returned to full time duty in Hazzard county. In a later Dukes Of Hazzard reunion TV movie, the shy deputy even almost got to marry his true love Daisy. Yeeeee Ha!

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