10 Reasons To Donate Money To This Site

10.) Temporary Insanity

9.) Money being the root of all evil, I will willingly take any you have to, ya know, help you out. Sure that means that I must face the evil and deal with it but... well... that's a sacrifice I am willing to make... for you. You're welcome.

8.) Permanent insanity.

7.) You enjoyed yourself enough at the site that you want to help support it and keep it up and running. Hahahaha. No seriously, back to the real possible reasons...

6.) Overall you just have too much cash, ya have no where else to put it so...

5.) You're my mom.

4.) You're a financial rebel! (I'm not even sure what that means)

3.) While I still can't get my chicks for free you want to help me on that "Money for nothing" thing.

2.) You just love using PayPal but don't really like actually buying things. All of the PayPal fun, none of the annoying "getting merchandise in the mail" hassle!

1.) Money can't buy you love but there are a couple things it can buy that I could definitely use.

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