December Bride and Pete And Gladys

December Bride (1954-1961)
Pete And Gladys (1960-1962)
Type: Spin Off

   Okay, I'm gonna keep this as short and sweet as possible. December Bride was a show about widow Lily Ruskin. Lily was a cool older lady who was so nice that everyone including her son-in-law Matt Henshaw was trying to fix her up with guys. See, for you slow folks out there, a December bride is an older bride, get it?

   Well, one of the regulars on the show was neighbor Pete Porter played by Harry Morgan. Harry Morgan has got to be the most workin' man in TV ever. Dragnet, M*A*S*H, AfterM*A*S*H, December Bride AND its spin off...

   Pete And Gladys was the spin off of December Bride. It featured Pete Porter and his with Gladys (obviously). On December Bride, Pete was always complaining about his wife Gladys but you never saw her, a tradition continued by Norm and his wife Vera on Cheers, Nile and his unseen wife Merris on Frasier... Well for the spin off Gladys finally got to be seen.

   The show picked up right when December Bride ceased production. Sort of a way to keep the show going in a new format like The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R.F.D. Most of the December Bride supporting cast just continued on in the new series. You might look up above at the years the shows ran and think I'm full of crap. I mean it clearly sez December Bride ran through 1961 and Pete And Glady went on the air in 1960. Well, December Bride really ended in 1959 but CBS brought back reruns of it twice in the 1960-1961 season.

   Kinda weird. December Bride ran six seasons, spawned a spin off but it fell off the cultural map after it ended. Six year run you would figure we'd all be sick of it from running in syndication somewhere... but no go. It vanished.

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