Dawson's Creek and Young Americans

Dawson's Creek (1998-2003)
Young Americans (2000)
Type: Spin Off

   Dawson's Creek is a youth soap opera created by Scream scribe Kevin Williamson. It centers on four young friends living in the small town of Capeside, Massachusetts. Dawson Leary is the young aspiring filmmaker, Joey Potter is his platonic female childhood friend who, at the start, harbored a secret crush on Dawson. Pacey Witter is Dawson's class clown buddy who, in my opinion, is actually a more interesting character than Dawson himself. Rounding out the group is Jen Lindley. Jen is the girl from out of town with a past; a bad girl with a past who Dawson immediately falls for.

   Now the above description is the basics of the leads at the start of the series and needless to say as the series moves along, things change. But I think you get the idea of the show from it.

   Now starting in the fall of 2000 Young Americans started airing on the WB, also the home of Dawson's Creek. It was also a youth aimed drama. That being the case, the WB in an attempt to hype the show and expose it to its target audience introduced the characters of Young American's on the final episodes of Dawson's Creek's 1999-2000 season.

   From what I have read this is not being considered a true spin off but more of a crossover before the existence of one of the shows involved. Screw that. You're introducing characters on one show to build up a following for them and launch them into their own series. That's a spin off. I know that regardless of whether the Dawson's Creek thing happened Young American's would still be going on the air. It's not like they are being put on Dawson's Creek to test them out and see if maybe they should get their own show. I don't care. Like it or not, a spin off it is. Not that it really matters. While the Creek kept running, Young American's died young with a short one season run.

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