Clueless and Moesha

Clueless (1996-1999)
Moesha (1996-2001)
Type: Crossover
Group: 30

   ABC's Friday TGIF lineup has much to answer for. On top of that list. Urkel. Luckily this is not one of the seventy ZILLION Urkel crossovers though. So for now I can let that pain sit. and fester.

   Another thing TGIF has to answer for is the spread of family friendly sitcom blocks. You may say, hey, what's wrong with that? Why not have shows everyone can enjoy together. Nothing. Nothing at all. Except that for some odd reason once ABC had such success with their Friday night block of shows it seemed like every network had to have their own family/teen block. And usually the new nets not only copied the format, they actually started their new block with castoffs from ABC's TGIF lineup. Know what its like? Tribbles. Or Gremlins. You have one and its all cute and nice. They you feed the dang thing, spill some water on them and, BAM, the damn things are everywhere. And they're still cute and all but suddenly with them multiplying they're also kinda creep ya out a bit. Maybe its just me.

   Well, in 1996 ABC debuted a new addition to TGIF: a sitcom version of the hit movie Clueless. Both the movie and the show centered on Cher, a girl who appeared to be a stereotypical dumb blonde/spoiled rich brat. Only the truth was despite appearances, Cher was a bright and generous soul. who just happened to be hot and act a bit ditzy. The movie shot Alicia Silverstone to enough movie success that she did not reprise her role for the show. TV Cher was played by, yes, you guessed it. Sonny Bono. Wait, no. Cher was actually played by Rachel Blanchard. But aside from that one change most all of the movie's cast remained in tact for the show. It basically was about the misadventures of a group of Beverly Hills high school kids. just a little less serious than those other 90210 kids.

   Meanwhile, over on UPN, Paramount television was trying to attract not just teens but the black viewers. They gave black teen singing sensation (that's a lot of description for one person) Brandy. Brandy would star in Moesha as. Moesha (Why couldn't she just still be a character named "Brandy"???), a young high school girl living in L.A. and also hanging with her friends.

   Okay, both shows are set in basically the same city but are on different networks. A crossover would likely not have happened except, hey, remember that "raiding ABC's lineup for shows" thing? Yeah, well, once ABC dropped Clueless it was picked up by UPN faster than fast.

   Anyway, once UPN picked up Clueless in 1997 and had it on in the same teen block with Moesha, it was only a matter of time. It actually took some time. In 1999 though it finally happened. On a night when both shows were dedicated to stories about their casts going to Prom, two of the kids from Moesha - Hakeem and Niecy - ended up wandering over to Cher's prom with Niecy even going to prom with Cher's friend Sean. Of course, then over on Moesha they both went to their own prom only the Clueless kids didn't bother to return the crossover favor.

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