Chicago Hope and Early Edition

Chicago Hope (1994-2000)
Early Edition (1996-2000)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

   Here's an unlikely crossover: a fantasy show and a realistic hospital drama.

   The fantasy show, Early Edition, was a show centering on Gary Hobson. Gary was an average down on his luck joe. Until he inexplicably started receiving tomorrow morning's newspaper today. He could read what was going to happen before it actually occurred. How and why he was getting the paper was hazy but it became clear that he was meant to use the paper to help others and not for personal gain. The result was that Gary would spend his days running all over town trying to prevent the tragic news items he read - keeping people from getting run over, stopping fires... you get the idea. This was often complicated by the fact that the people he was saving might not cooperate. It's hard to convince someone they need to flee a building where a hidden bomb is going to explode by saying, "The newspaper from the future says you're going to die!" They're not going to run and you are going to look crazy. And if you leave the newspaper part out, well hey, now it looks like YOU are the bomber. How else would you know about the hidden bomb? Life was complicated.

   The hospital drama was Chicago Hope. It was a pretty straight laced medical drama. Okay it was a little quirky. They did do a musical episode where a doctor who had just had a stroke pictured everyone singing and dancing. But still, this was mostly a straight drama.

   Once again me thinks synchronicity caused this cross. Both Early Edition and Chicago Hope were shows set in Chicago (The paper Gary received was The Chicago Sun Times) and both shows were on CBS. Both shows also had okay ratings but not big enough ratings to be considered huge hits. Do a crossover and hopefully the both shows audiences will tune in, get a taste of the other show and potentially you walk away with a larger audience for both shows. I don't think it worked wonders in the end but it's still sorta cool.

   The entire crossover happened on Early Edition in a second season episode called Mum's The Word. The plot revolved around a showing of Egyptian artifacts at a Chicago museum. Some of the pieces are stolen and those same pieces may be cursed. Gary's friend Marissa comes into possession of what may be some of the cursed items and becomes deathly ill. What to do? Well whaddya think stupid! Gary runs her to Chicago Hope where the guest stars can work like crazy to try and cure her!

   This crossover connects Early Edition to a huge block of interconnected shows. It seems somehow appropriate that one of those shows is The X-Files (Early Edition crossed with Chicago Hope, Chicago Hope crossed over with Homicide and Homicide crossed over with The X-Files). With Early Edition now canceled maybe Gary should have moved over to The X-Files. Scully needed a new partner for the eighth season and with the cases they handle on that show they could really use any edge they can get.

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