Cheers and Wings

Cheers (1982-1993)
Wings (1990-1997)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    Wings was made by some of the folks who worked at Cheers and they are both similar shows: they both are set at public places (A bar/an airport) with a romantic subplot (Sam and Diane/Joe and Helen). They both have the requisite angry almost unlikable character (Carla Tortelli/Roy Biggins), they both have the "wacky" somewhat "off" employee (Woody and Coach/Lowell)... They're very similar. Wings even followed Cheers on the TV schedule for a nice chunk of its run.

    Well the point is having some folks from one show stop by the other was in no way a stretch. Wings centered around an airport where Joe Hackett ran a charter airline service in Nantucket. Being near to Boston, it was only a natural to have Cheers barflies Norm and Cliff fly up to Nantucket for a fishing trip. Once they got there, however, they never actually got to the fishing. Instead they loitered around Helen Chapel's airport diner, taking up stool space and drinking just like they did at Cheers. And just like on Cheers they just sat back commenting on the plot of the episode from the sidelines. At the end of the episode they flew back to Boston quite pleased with their trip and thinking they should do it again and next time actually fish.

    Another visitor from Cheers came in the form of Frasier Crane. I am not certain but I believe Frasier may have made a couple appearances on the show. The one that leaps to my mind though had Frasier and his then wife Lillith flying into Nantucket so that Frasier could promote his new psychological self help book with a group seminar. Of course his self help book and seminar ended up causing nothing but trouble with the regulars. Between the havoc his book caused and his wife Lillith's caustic criticism of his book's pop culture quick fix angle, Frasier did not head off a very happy camper.

    Given that the second crossover featured Frasier Crane, this second crossover also serves as a crossover of sorts with the later Cheer's spin off Frasier.

    There was one more crossover of the Cheer's cast onto Wings. The 4th season episode "I Love Brian" had Brian, his love interest Alex, Lowell, and Helen heading into Boston for a Clint Black concert. In a classic sitcom plot, Brian contrives to sneak into a post-concert party at Clint Black's hotel room in an effort to impress Alex by making her think he is friends with Clint. Towards the end of the episode, we end up seeing Cheers's Rebecca Howe being kicked out of the same party. As she begs and pleads with Clint Black it becomes clear she came to the party with the same plan as Brian. She wants him to come to Cheers to convince the gang there that she knows him! There's even an extra Cheers in-joke. This episode occurred during the last season of Cheers. As she is being kicked out, Clint Black tells her he can't help her but maybe he can do it next year. Rebecca says, "Next year?!? Well we don't know where any of us are gonna be next year!" Nice.

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