Checking In and The Jeffersons

Checking In (1981)
The Jeffersons (1975-1985)
Type: Spin Off
Group: 1

    When you've got a popular supporting character, why not try and spin her off? Well, because a good supporting character often is best at supporting and not as good at holding down the lead role on a show.

    Case in point: the attempt made to spin off the Jefferson's maid Florence Johnston into her own show. The premise was that Florence had quit working for the Jefferson's to take a job as executive housekeeper at a fancy hotel. Apparently hoping to recreate some of the same verbal sparring Florence had with her boss George Jefferson, the producers hired Larry Linville (MASH's Frank Burns) to play her new boss Lyle Block. Sounded like a good idea. Frank Burns had been a great character to aim ridicule at and for other characters to bicker with. But the audience just didn't take to the show and it was quickly cancelled.

    Usually when a character tries to spin off and fails, the actor playing that part is just out of luck, as well as a job. This is one of the few times when that was not the case. When Checking In folded, Florence was quickly brought back to The Jeffersons. It was explained that the hotel had burned down and Florence quickly got her job back working for The Jeffersons. I personally felt bad for the actress who had been brought in to play the Jeffersons' new maid. When Florence came back she quickly got the boot!

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