Crime And Punishment and Law And Order

Crime And Punishment (2002-2004)
Law And Order (1990-2010)
Type: Spin Off/Franchise

   Okay, even though Law And Order is part of Huge group of connected shows I am not counting this crossover into all that given the specifics of this crossover do not tie the Law And Order spin off Crime And Punishment into the Law And Order reality.

   Wait a second, how can it be a Law And Order spin off if it has no connection to the worl depicted in Law And Order?

   Well if you'll shut up with the questions I'll tell you.

   Okay. Sorry.

   Thank you.

   Law And Order was a popular show in which originally the first half of the show would find New York cops solving a crime and making an arrest. The second half of the show would deal with the prosecution of the accused criminal. The show was not an immediate hit but slowly built up steam to become a huge franchise for NBC spawning a number of spin offs including Law And Order: Special Victims Unit and Law And Order: Criminal Intent. The shows quite often used the hook of doing stories based on current news stories: Ripped From The Headlines!

   By the summer of 2002 Reality TV shows - documentary-ish shows chronicling real people's real adventures - were BIG. Well, like I said, Law And Order was already doing stories inspired by real life. The show's creator Dick Wolf figured why not do a Law And Order series that was real life. And so in the summer of 2002 the Reality TV Law And Order spin off Crime And Punishment hit the air.

   For Crime And Punishment, Dick Wolf made arrangements with X to film the actual prosecutors trying real court cases. Not much more to say. Real court. Cool. Well, there is one questionable bit to my mind. They're real cases. The prosecutors are our "stars". We're on their side right? But they're real cases. We are being set up to go in going, "Yeah! Put 'em away! Find the guy guilty and put 'em away!" Bt what if they're not guilty? Okay its not like we're the jury. We don't have to be nonbiased but if Joe Blow is being put on trial for knocking over a liquor store on this show whether he did it or not in the court of public opinion he's kinda guilty the minute the show starts. I wouldn't want to be Joe Blow.

   So since this is a reality show it isn't really part of the Law And Order world but it is a part of the Law And Order franchise. I didn't expect it would be but it definitely is. Just like the other spin offs the theme music of Crime And Punishment is a variant on Law And Order's theme song and its opening credits also clearly use the same style as well.

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