The Brady Bunch and The Brady Brides

The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)
The Brady Brides (1981)
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   1981 saw the first reunion of the Brady Bunch family since the strangely frightening The Brady Hour which found the family on their own variety show. The reunion came in the form a TV movie called The Brady Girls Get Married. The movie centered on the dual weddings of Marica and Jan Brady (poor Cindy, alwayth a bride'th maid nefer a bride). Most of the movie was about them with quick cuts to the rest of the Brady kids trying to get to the spur of the moment weddings from elsewhere in the country. In point of fact this movie is the only full reunion of the original cast. Every other Brady show or movie is missing at least one of the original cast. The original house was back even though the Bradys had sold it and moved into a beach house in The Brady Hour. They must have really liked that house to go and buy it back.

   The movie served as a pilot for a new sitcom called the Brady Brides. In addition to getting married at the same time, Marcia, Jan and their husbands decided to live together. Their mom was a realtor and found a house neither couple could afford alone but that they could together! Mom and their former house keeper Alice would stop by on a regular basis. And wackiness ensued... for three months.

   The idea was that Jan and her husband were sort of uptight nerds. Okay. That fits Jan. Marcia and her husband by contrast were fun loving crazies! Marcia's husband was someone she married spur of the moment having only just met him. And he was a wacky toy inventor! Hold on right there. Marcia was cool and sexy, not necessarily a zany free spirit. And the Marcia from the original show would have never married the dweeb like Wally. He was a goober. Oh well. Not that it mattered. The show died and took the Brady's away... for awhile...

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