Blossom and The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Blossom (1991-1995)
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (1990-1996)
Type: Crossover
Group 1

    Another case of having your cake and eating it too. But I guess when you're royalty - assuming being a Fresh Prince qualifies as royalty - you can, 'cause here we've got another case of episodes that contradict each other as to whether two shows are part of the same world.

    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was a comedy starring Will Smith, better known as the rapper The Fresh Prince. A lot of Will Smith's most popular songs told comical stories about his life. The show sort of extended that sensibility to sitcom length. The gimmick of the show was that Will Smith's character, Will Smith, had been raised in West Philly but was getting into more and more trouble there. So, to try and get his life back on track, his mother sent Will to live in Bel Air with his rich aunt and uncle. Hilarity ensued. Seriously, it really did. The show helped launch Will smith into mega-super stardom.

    Blossom on the other hand told the story of a crazy vampire fighting blonde who... wait... that's Buffy. Sorry. Blossom was the story of a typical every-girl teenager named Blossom who was growing up in Southern California. She was living with her divorced musician father Nick, her in recovery brother Anthony, and her other dumb but hunky brother Joey. And together they fought the forces of evil!!!!

    Okay, not so much with the evil fighting. More with the "stuff that happens to every teenager" stuff.

    Anyway, early on in the second season of Blossom, Will Smith put in an appearance on Blossom. The only thing is there are technically two Will Smiths. There is Will Smith the character in the sitcom who was a non-famous type sponging off his aunt and uncle. Then there is Will Smith, rap legend and star of his own NBC sitcom. Which Will Smith did Blossom run into? Well, she ran into the one who would make her go, "IT'S WILL SMITH!!! IT'S WILL SMITH!!! I CAN'T BREATH I'M SO DIZZY WITH EXCITEMENT!!!"

    So... the star of The Fresh Prince rather than the character. Which would mean in the world of Blossom The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is a TV show and the characters on that show are utterly fictional. Only thing is 15 episodes later, one of those "fictional" people showed up dating Blossom's brother. In the Blossom episode "Wake Up Little Suzy", Blossom's brother Anthony and the Hilary Banks, Will's Smith's cousin, go out on a date together. I mean... the sitcom Will Smith's cousin. The fictional Will Smith. Man this gives me a headache. Basically in the world of Blossom, Will Smith seems to exist as both a celebrity and as the character from his sitcom. Will Smith also exists in the world of Blossom as a small Chinese man. Science has yet to explain this.

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