B.J. And The Bear and The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo/Lobo

B.J. And The Bear (1979-1981)
The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo/Lobo (1979-1981)
Type: Spin Off

   Oh it's a classic TV formula - a man, his monkey and a truck. Maybe they were trying to make the TV version of Any Which Way But Loose but Greg Evigan ain't Clint Eastwood my friend.

   The show centered on B.J. McKay who was a trucker who drove around the country with his pet chimp named Bear. Okay, right off the bat I have issues with these names. A guy name B.J. I'm not even going there. And the guy has a pet chimp... named Bear? What the hell? From the title you'd think the show was about something unmentionable and a forest animal. Anyway, B.J. and Bear ran into trouble and fun everywhere they went including running afoul of crooked cops, in particular in the neck of the woods they called home - Georgia.

   One of those shady cops was Sheriff Elroy P.Lobo played by Claude Akins. He was not totally crooked, just sort of bent. His whole staff of cops was bent. They weren't evil cops on the take but were more just guys looking for a good con and a fast buck. They spun off of B.J. And The Bear when that show had only been on for half of a season! After the first year, the show's title was shortened to Lobo, there was a change of location and some changes in the cast. The crew bumbled their way into a special crime task force in Atlanta but it wasn't enough I guess because at the end of the season Lobo and B.J. And The Bear were both cancelled.

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