Ally McBeal and Boston Public

Ally McBeal (1997-2002)
Boston Public (2000-2004)
Type: Shared Character
Group 2

   You know, normally I can find some way or another to blabber on at length about a crossover. But this is actually a pretty quick and easy one with much to be said of.

   David E. Kelley, king of the TV world. Has made more TV shows than any other person EVER!!!! Okay, maybe not. But he's made a bunch. Not only that but he is a man who likes to use actors he likes over and over. On top of that, it seems that in his head all of his shows exist in the same world. Probably seems that way partly because he looooves doing crossovers between them.

   Well it would seem both of these factors came into play in this case. This whole crossover centers not on any major character from Ally MecBeal or Boston Public but rather on a recurring one. The last episode of Ally McBeal's 4th season featured a character by the name of Doctor Harris. For those of you who are Amish and thus TV impaired, Ally McBeal is Kelley's comedy/drama about an offbeat Boston law firm. Doctor Harris was played by character actor Leslie Jordan. He's a smaller quiet guy with a southern accent. You might not know the name but trust me, you've seen him on a billion things.

   Well, Dr. Harris's entire lifespan should have been that one hour long episode of Ally McBeal. But oh no. It must be that David E. Kelley saw something he liked in that hour because the following season Dr. Benjamin Harris (Hey, everybody needs a first name) found some additional life as a recurring character on Boston Public, Kelley's drama about a Boston high school. His stay came to an end with episode #39 when he kinda, well, unwittingly did some sex talking with a couple girls unaware they were students. Geesh, David E. Kelley gives a character extra life and what does he do with it? He gets all dirty with high school girls. I mean, where's the gratitude? That sort of behavior, he's gonna need to head back over to one of Kelley's lawyer shows.

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