The Addams Family and The New Addams Family

The Addams Family (1964-1966)
The New Addams Family (1998-2000)
Type: Revival
Group: DC TV Multiverse: Earth 66

   For a show that only went two seasons, The Addams Family has to be one of the most successful failed series ever. How many shows do you know that only last two years but inspire several animated series, two hit feature films and various TV and direct to video films? I mean geeze!

   The show itself was inspired by the comics of Charles Addams. He drew ghoulish black humored comics filled with creepy, spooky, mysterious and ooky characters. In the comic they didn't even have names but they were the inspiration for the show. On the show, the Addams Family were quite an odd group. Unlike the family on the similar show The Munsters, the Addams weren't actually monsters. Well, setting aside Cousin Itt and Thing (who was a disembodied hand). Rather they were just weird... emotionally and socially opposite from the rest of society. They liked the depressing and the bizzare. They would go out in the moonlight to get a "moon tan". The father was rich Gomez who was very energetic and, uh, intense. Morticia was his wife who dressed in a tight ass long black dress and could sing in two part harmony... with herself! And any time Morticia would speak French Gomez would go crazy with passion. Their kids were Pugsley, a fat little mess and Wednesday a dour black haired girl. Add in Gradmama who engaged in witchcraft and Uncle Fester who was a happy, fat, bald weirdo who could light up a light bulb by screwing it into his mouth.

   Like I said the show only went two seasons but, given its comic strip roots, appropriately spawned a cartoon series. There was a reunion show of sorts featuring most of the original cast but with new kids (and if I remember multiple kids - a couple of Wednesdays and Pugsleys). Then in the 90's came two feature films with all star casts that pushed the Addams dark sensibilities even further. Then came Addams Family Reunion, a direct to video feature, a new cartoon series and then, finally The New Addams Family.

   The New Addams Family was a series made for the Fox Family Channel cable network. It had new actors in the same old parts. Unlike the updated version of The Munsters though, the production values were pretty good and the characters consistant with all the past incarnations. It wasn't a classic but at least unlike the new version of The Munsters they didn't defame and shame the original. The original Gomez John Astin also appeared on The New Addams Family as Grandpa Addams giving it some connection to the original show. After a couple seasons, The New Addams family stopped production. Rest unassured though, the Addams will surely return again...

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