The Addams Family and Batman

Batman (1966-1968)
The Addams Family (1964-1966)
Type: Cameo Crossover
Group: DC TV Multiverse: Earth 66

   Oh this is just a wee slip of a crossover. Batman was a campy action comedy series based on the legendary comic book hero. The Addams Family was a show about a twisted and odd but loving family known as The Addams Family which was based on the New Yorker magazine cartoons of Charles Addams.

   One of Batman's running gags was to show Batman and his partner climbing up the sides of buildings. They would film the shot sideways so that the side of the building was actually the floor of the studio and then tilt the picture 90 degrees to make it look like the duo were climbing upward while holding onto a rope. Part of this gag was that some celebrity would always pop their head out of a window to say hello. Well in the episode "The Peguin's Nest" the person who looked out the window wasn't a celebrity in the normal sense. It was the Addams Family's butler Lurch (both Batman and The Addams Family aired on ABC). Lurch was a giant scary looking guy with a verrry deep and booming voice. He popped up, did a quick bit with Batman establishing a connection between the shows and, well that was it.

   As a footnote, John Astin who played family patriarch Gomez Addams also appeared as The Riddler in one of the show's storylines. He replaced Frank Gorshin who normally played The Riddler just one time but it does mean that technically speaking it would be possible for Gomez Addams to meet A Riddler who looked just like him. Unless... unless Gomez was just impersonating The Riddler. I mean, the Addams Family was rich and they never did say how Gomez made all that money...

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