Adam 12 and Dragnet '67

Adam 12 (1968-1975)
Dragnet '67 (1967-1970)
Type: Crossover
Group: 11

   Jack Webb had created Dragnet with the idea of it being a realistic portrayal of the lives L.A. police detectives. Okay, by todays standards it doesn't play as being very real but it was the N.Y.P.D. Blue of its day okay?

   With Adam 12, Webb tried the same tactic except focusing on the uniformed cops of the L.A.P.D. The guys out on the streets every day. The ones who find the cases Webb's Joe Friday would later solve. Adam 12 was perhaps an even bigger hit than the 1967 version of Dragnet with which it shared the airwaves.

   The key to the crossovers between these shows is in the above paragraph. The beat cops would be the first on the scene of any crime. They would be there well in advance of Joe Friday. So on occasion on Dragnet, when Joe showed up, Adam 12's Officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed would already be there ready to hand Joe the details of what was going on. Adam 12, by the way, way the code for Jim and Pete's car: 1 Adam 12.

   Its that simple. Those are the facts. Dum da dum dum dummmm!

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